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How does it work?

Street Elite is a nine month programme. Initially, it involves a 12 week sports-based training and mentoring scheme. Young people gain insights into the Sport for Development industry, recognised accredited qualifications, and the personal skills and motivation to get their lives back on track. The initial commitment is low; one 2 hour training session per week. They are paid £15 for every session they attend.

Next, they test the skills they have learnt by delivering sports sessions on local housing estates over a period of 10 weeks. Then, they help to organise a one day sports festival, involving dozens of local schools and hundreds of young people in a borough-wide event. Below is a video from our first festival, attended by world famous ex-footballer, Ian Wright.

Finally, they are offered work placements and choose to enter education, employment or training.








Find out more about our Street Elite team and our accomplishments for 2019 so far!