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What are the results so far?

Street Elite Intervention

Year 1

Of the 24 recruits, 19 completed the programme, having delivered coaching sessions in their local communities and half day sports festivals across London. Nine of them came from an offending background and have not reoffended since. The cost per young person was £4,411. For comparison, a place in a Young Offender Institution costs an average of £65,000 per annum. Most of the 19 are now in training or further education. Three moved into work with housebuilder, The Berkeley Group.

Year 2

We doubled the size of the programme to include 48 young people. Training started in January and lasted for 9 months, involving young adults from across London. 38 out of the 48 young people successfully entered into education, employment or training which is a success rate of 79%. A significant number of them are back in college or have found full time work.

Year 3

The programme expanded again. In Year 3, 65 young adults took part in Street Elite. Of these, 52 passed into education, employment or training; a success rate of 80%. The programme was delivered within budget, reducing the cost per person to £2,678. 19 graduates completed work placements with the Berkeley Group; 9 of these led to permanent employment as of January 2015.

Year 4

The programme increased to include 84 young people. 59 of these moved into education, employment or training as of 30 September, a success rate of 70%. 23 placements were organised with the Berkeley Group; 7 of these have led to employment so far. The programme was delivered within budget, reducing the unit cost to £2,515 per person.

Researchers from Oxford Brookes University also provide an independent evaluation of the programme each year. The findings from Year 1, Year 2Year 3 and Year 4 can be viewed online.

Year 5

This year we excelled our targets for registrations to the programme, with 132 young people signed up. Of those, the programme recruited 84 young men and women to the programme and had 71 regularly attending training sessions. At the time of this report, 59 of them went into employment or education, giving an overall 70% success rate.

Street Elite also became an award-winning programme winning the Third Sector Award for 'Best charity partnership in construction' and the global 'Barclays Sport for Employability & Enterprise Award'. The award reflected Street Elite's exertions over the past 5 years and the success stories which have been created as a result of the programme. You can read more on the awards here

Year 6

The programme expanded to include Street Elite Academy, aimed at preventing 14-16 year olds slipping into gangs and crime. The Intervention programme was reduced to include 58 men and women. Of these, 40 regularly attended training and 33 went into employment or education, giving an 83% success rate with those engaged.

The young men and women came from a range of backgrounds: serious involvement in gang activity, no support network at home and histories in youth offending. Some were actively trying to escape gang affiliation, whilst others were simply living in an area where they were at significant risk of following a path of crime.

Find out more about our Street Elite team and our accomplishments for 2019 so far!